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More Proof That Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

An anti-vaxxer organization is up in arms because a primate study it funded concluded that childhood immunizations are safe.

The Science of Pie

The dessert you’re about to eat is chock-full of lessons in chemistry, physics and neurobiology. And whether or not your holiday guests ask for second slice depends on how well you master the basics of science.

Pigeons Prove Proficient Pathologists

Don’t worry. A pigeon won’t soon be replacing your oncologist.

More Research Needed to Prevent Zombie Apocalypse

The disease manifests in a number of ways, but most commonly victims possess a “shambling gait, tendency to moan, loss of dexterity and prior personality traits, and the eventual rotting of flesh.” 

Coffee, Elixir of Life

The findings suggest that drinking a moderate amount of java significantly reduces a person’s risk for a number of chronic health conditions and could lead to longer life.

Why Tomato Juice Tastes Better On Planes

Airplane drink orders show how environment influences taste perception.

Earlier Intervention for High Blood Pressure Reduces Heart Risk

The SPRINT trial has taken the medical community by surprise—and for a number of reasons.

New HIV Drug Injection Could Revolutionize Treatment

Preliminary results from a phase 2 trial found the maintenance therapy may be even more effective at achieving viral suppression than three daily antiretroviral pills.

It's Easier to Donate Your Blood Than Stool

When it comes to fecal transplantation good poop is hard to find.

Evolution Made the Human Fist Fit for Punching

Researchers employed cadaver arms to test out their theory.

No One Agrees on Mammography Guidelines

New recommendations from the American Cancer Society add to a never-ending, contentious debate on when—and how frequently—to screen for breast cancer.

Dolphin-Assisted Childbirth Is a Bad Idea

Don’t rely on a Cetacean to bring your baby into the world.

FDA Approves First Drug for Women's Low Libido

The federal regulatory agency voted in favor of putting the highly controversial treatment on the market this fall.

Marijuana Is a Wonder Drug When It Comes to the Horrors of Chemo

A growing number of cancer patients and oncologists view the drug as a viable alternative for managing chemotherapy’s effects, as well as some of the physical and emotional health consequences of cancer.

Two Numbers: Little Hope for Americans With Rare

Despite regulations meant to speed up research, there is still treatment for only 7 percent of rare diseases.