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Model Rehab Program Helps Cancer Survivors Thrive

The variety of aggressive treatments cancer patients undergo can lead to long-term cognitive deficiencies, neurological deficits, difficulty with daily tasks such as eating and walking, and physical impairments. Simply put: stopping cancer in its tracks can cause significant health problems.

Heart Problems May Arise With Breast Cancer Treatment

For some breast cancer patients, chemotherapy and radiation can cause serious heart complications, which may lead to a more complex treatment plan and permanent heart damage.

Linnea Duff: Living with Late-Stage Lung Cancer

Diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer seven years ago, this artist, writer, mother of three and clinical trial veteran continues to lead a dynamic life.

Handwriting Changes May Indicate Alzheimer's Progression

Shaky lettering or an indecipherable signature often signals further decline in a person with Alzheimer's disease.

How a Small Colombian Village Became a Center of Alzheimer's Research

An uncommon genetic mutation has pushed a small village in Colombia into the epicenter of Alzheimer's research.

For Some, Tanning is a Serious Addiction

A report finds many skin cancer survivors refuse to wear sunblock and still regularly visit tanning booths, posing the age-old question of why people stick with habits they know will damage their health.

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