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Questions Raised About Mental Health Studies on Baby Monkeys at NIH Labs

Monkey research on childhood development has a long history, and one that is closely tied to criticism by animal rights activists.

Twins with Rare Genetic Disorder Could Hold Clue to Cure for Ebola

 It turns out two rare diseases—one viral and one genetic—are connected in an unexpected way.

Why Do We Believe Celebrity Pseudoscience?

Recently it seems the public isn't just turning to movie stars for entertainment—we're listening to their health advice.

​Could Early Intervention Reverse Autism?

The impact of early interventions can be so great that in some cases an autistic child who received therapy as a baby will no longer exhibit signs of the disorder by age 3.

How Long Can You Keep Your IUD?

This "fix it and forget it" method of birth control is not only easy to use, it's also highly effective for years at a time.

FDA Warns Consumers: Dietary Supplements Cannot Treat Concussions

The FDA says supplements with labels that make these claims are not backed up by scientific evidence.

Too Much Exercise May Be Bad for the Heart

Too much exercise may also increase the risk of death from heart attack or stroke in patients with existing heart problems.

Ebola Death Toll Rises in West Africa While Americans' Interest Wanes

People have short attention spans and the news cycle is fickle, both of which have contributed to the illusion that Ebola is no longer the worry it once was. 

'Bionic pancreas' Shows Promise for Diabetes Management

For some time, researchers have been on a quest to create a device that mimics the functions of the body's natural pancreas and seamlessly stabilizes blood sugar in a person with Type 1 diabetes. 

Child's Encounter with a Bat May Have Sparked the Ebola Outbreak

The disease that's killed more than 7,800 people across West Africa may have taken hold after a chance encounter last winter between a 2-year-old boy and wild bat in a hollowed-out tree.

Should Women Get Paid Menstrual Leave From Work?

Painful cramping, backache, headache, moodiness, fatigue and bloating—for many women, that time of the month is miserable enough to be categorized as an acute illness. 

Researchers, Doctors Advocate for Earlier Mammograms

When a woman should start going for routine mammograms is a matter of contentious debate. 

OMG, You're Texting Your Way to Back Pain

Humans were designed to stand upright. And yet in this modern world, too many of us spend our days with our heads slumped over for a simple reason: we're staring at the tiny screen of a smartphone.

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