IUD: The Ugly Stepchild of Birth Control You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Use
“Please don’t take my IUD,” my mother pleaded with her doctor. “I love my IUD.” (Seriously, that’s what she said.) The doctor apologized, removed it, and one year later she was expecting me. 

Dating Rules: Google Is a Girl’s Best Friend

To imagine dating before Google is like picturing the 80s without John Cusack films. What did our parents do before you could properly screen your date? Well, judging from the divorce rate among baby boomers (estimated to be more than 50%), you got married and horrified and divorced. Or, at least, that’s what my mother did.

Dating Rules: Kill 'Em With Kindness After They Break Your Heart

Ever since I began to use my Kill ‘Em With Kindness (KEWK) method, a whole new world has opened up for me. I was all ready to book my motivational speaking tour until a friend suggested I do a little due diligence first and run it by the experts. So I sent out a widespread email to shrinks, authors, academics, online dating industry professionals, and friends.


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