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The Great Kentucky Hemp Experiment

Industrial hemp is really just a few genetic tweaks away from marijuana and outsiders often don’t know one from the other. “When the stuff really starts to flower it has the same look and smell as marijuana. That’s why we have security.”

About my work​​

Gene Editing is Revolutionizing Medicine but Causing a Government Ethics Nightmare

CRISPR technology isn’t ready for clinical use, whether to stop serious genetic diseases or simply make brown eyes blue. But geneticists are working toward these goals, and the scientific community is ill-prepared to regulate this potentially powerful technology.

As a health reporter I look to cover a broad range of topics: Research that's altering how we understand, treat and manage chronic medical conditions; the heavy burden of infectious diseases on public health; innovative technologies that prove the future of medicine is happening right now; and changes and challenges in delivering clinical care to patients. Most recently, I was a senior health writer at Newsweek, and have also held posts at CBS News and Everyday Health. More broadly, my writing has been featured in numerous national media outlets including the Wall Street Journal,, New York TimesMarie Claire, Elle and Salon.

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